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The Advantages Of Computerized Embroidery Machine
May 04, 2017

1, computer embroidery machine with LCD function of this kind of machine LCD display General resolution is relatively high, in the embroidery can be at any time to show the status of the pattern above, can be based on the actual situation to switch between the English interface, the operation is very simple.

2, can be stored on a variety of tricks computer embroidery machine has a computer system can be stored in various formats of the pattern in the inside, and the capacity is very large, so can effectively improve the processing efficiency.

3, with the pattern of rotation and zoom function can be arbitrary angle of rotation, can also achieve the left and right reversal, in addition, the pattern of the reduction of 1 time times, of course, can enlarge twice times, the specific scope of the actual parameters of embroidery machine to see the setting, but also can choose whether to achieve the rotation of the scale, or the first to zoom after the rotation, so that can satisfy more embroidery needs.

4, the pattern can be edited and combined in the computer system stored in the pattern is can be edited, but also can be several different kinds of tricks together in various forms, to form a new pattern, the use of very flexible and very convenient. 5, can be repeated embroidery computer embroidery machine can be done repeatedly embroidered, or can be part of the region repeatedly embroidered, transverse, longitudinal up to nine times, a total of 81 times to achieve repeated embroidery. The advantages of computer embroidery machine are the solid foundation of its development, which has great impetus to the development of embroidery and improves the effect and accuracy of embroidery.

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