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Single Head Embroidery Machine Three Major Components
Aug 03, 2017

Single Head Embroidery Machine Three major components

Single-head embroidery machine structure and working principle Single-head embroidery machine mainly by the mechanical system, transmission system, electric control system composed of three major parts. The mechanical system is mainly composed of rack parts, box parts, stabbing mechanism, thread take-up mechanism, color changing mechanism, threading mechanism, embroidery frame parts, hand pull switch box parts and so on. The main motor of the transmission system is divided into servo motor and Variable frequency motor, the current domestic embroidery machine servo is used by most of the ho ho servo system. Single-end embroidery machine frequency conversion motor is used in Toshiba motor, according to the length of the embroidery pattern pitch adjustment motor speed. To ensure the accuracy of embroidery, the main motor with electromagnetic brake device. The main motor drives the lower shaft through the synchronous toothed belt, the lower shaft drives the upper shaft through the sprocket wheel, the upper shaft drives the piercing mechanism and the thread take-up mechanism, and the lower shaft moves through the bevel gear and the thread cutting mechanism to complete the embroidery Machine bottom line and the upper thread of the lock, in the fabric to form embroidery stitch.

  The specific working principle of the embroidery machine first with embroidery CAD plate, after generating the pattern, will carry the embroidery program and pattern of discs were put into the computer disk drive, under the control of the program, the computer will be converted into the coordinates of the coordinates Box X, Y direction of the displacement of the amount of electricity equivalent to the signal, sent to the X, Y, Z single-chip system for motor speed down processing, the output three-phase six-shot, line motor power amplifier for power amplification, red support X, Y Stepper motor, driven by the frame to complete the X, Y between the feed movement; at the same time drive Z stepper motor, driving the needle for the upper and lower movement, so that embroidery continued to go on. Z stepping motor is driven by a synchronous toothed belt or the like to drive the head drive mechanism. The specific mechanism of the nose causes the lead mechanism and the needle to take the lead line to make the lower movement and puncture the fabric. The upper thread around the possession of the bottom line bobbin case; thread take-up mechanism movement, conveying the upper thread, tighten the stitch, prepare the next stitch line. X, Y stepper motor through the synchronous toothed belt and other institutions to drive the frame and fabric for plane movement. Will be on the fabric to be embroidered at the track point to the needle embroidery, needle movement up and down the movement and the direction of the frame, the amount of movement and movement speed coordination with the movement, so that the upper thread and the bottom line twisted on the fabric Make a two-wire lock stitch. When the embroidery continues to proceed, complete the pattern of computer embroidery.

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