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Single Head Embroidery Machine Their Own Characteristics
Jul 20, 2017

Single Head Embroidery Machine Their own characteristics

Different computer embroidery machine embroidery thread, texture vary widely. For different fabrics and customer requirements must first understand the adaptability of embroidery lines. To avoid the situation does not match. Here are a few common embroidery lines under their own characteristics.


 Rayon with the nature of polyester wire much the same, the former is the advantage of more choice of color. In addition, as mentioned above, the stability of rayon is also higher than the polyester filament, even if the machine frame to move the pull, it will not significantly shrink, but easy to fire, it should not always wash.

    metallic line

    The characteristics of the wire, but the outer layer of the outer layer of metal film, the inner layer is made of rayon or polyester filament. As the surface of the line luster, the designer can produce sparkling embroidery effect; but at the same time, also has a negative impact on embroidery. Because embroidery, embroidery needle, embroidery line and fabric often friction between, resulting in heat, then the embroidery line of the young hair will play a role in the heat through the embroidery needle away, while the surface of the wire is not with a young , Embroidery needle heat still exists, so that the metal film is thermally dissolved, or even cause disconnection.

    Wool line

    Wool line than the general embroidery line is thick, is different from a kind of embroidery thread. The most common application in the towel embroidery, rope embroidery and chain stitch step, matching in the knitted fabric is particularly beautiful, especially girls knitted garments, soft embroidery effect, more handmade art of beauty. Because of its thick texture, need to use thicker needle, 100 or 110 of the needle is appropriate, but to take into account whether it can match the fabric. In addition, the line tension should be relatively loose, for the embroidery line enough space to move.

    Polyester thread embroidery thread

    Polyester silk is characterized by resistance to chemical substances and frequent washing, to reduce the color of clothing and bleaching, so the hotel uniforms, stone blue denim clothing, sportswear or children's clothing will be made with polyester filament. To maximize the phenomenon of water washing fade. In contrast, polyester filament is more tough than artificial silk. When the embroidery, the machine in the high-speed operation, high toughness of the polyester line can also withstand a large pull; so often used to do three-dimensional embroidery, hat, shoes, and handbags and other hard embroidery material on the embroidery, And its high fire resistance, even if the clothes close to the flame, it is not easy to fire. Polyester yarn wire than the stability of rayon, but more flexible. You can cut a man-made silk to do the test, pull hard, and then relax, you find the embroidery line will not shrink; the contrary, after pulling the polyester silk, once relaxed, will return to the original length, and thus have the opportunity to lead to wrinkles , So the line tension adjustment, the need for more accurate.

The software is based on the DOS version of the re-developed a high level of embroidery plate system, than the DOS version adds a lot of new features and acupuncture; can work in the network environment, through the network transmission embroidery drawings.

    Two input modes (digitizer input mode and scanner input mode) and three kinds of needle preparation methods (digitizer, mouse, screen digitization) are available.

Provide advanced contour editing and processing functions, you can automatically outline the contours of the pattern or arc increase, delete, change the pattern to move, copy, rotate, flip, color, arrange, delete, even segment and zoom editing operating;

The system can support a variety of embroidery machine use data format, there are Tajima, BEHRINGER and various models of domestic embroidery machine data format conversion; needle data editing and revision is very convenient;

The system produced by the system of any pattern data files, whether in the process of writing or repair in the process can be any time to change the pattern contours, acupuncture and parameters, and re-generate new data files.

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