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Single Head Embroidery Machine The Order Of Embroidery
Aug 15, 2017

Single Head Embroidery Machine The order of embroidery

A lot of people to buy embroidery machine, when the embroidery machine to buy for those who have not come into contact with the embroidery machine, the embroidery machine busy rush, do not know how to operate the embroidery machine, fear of breaking the machine, embroidery machine to tell you the right Embroidery machine embroidery operation sequence.

 First, the pattern is determined, choose to embroidered the pattern, we have to make embroidery software embroidery version of the band, commonly used embroidery software embroidery software, easy to understand, more common, good at dealing with cross stitch class, More innovative. Generally recommended more than four machines to consider with a professional version of the master.

Make embroidery patterns on your computer

 2. When dealing with or modifying the embroidery version, you must know the order of the embroidery. By checking the pattern of embroidery in the pattern design "run" by stitch, section, function or object. You can also check the embroidery order by slowly re-displaying on the screen. DG / ML can simulate the embroidery process, in the "embroidery", the stitch will gradually change from black to the configuration of the embroidery color.

Electronic control system operation Embroidery

     Third, the actual operation of the embroidery machine in strict accordance with the operational requirements to do. In general, each new machine is equipped with operating manual.

1. According to the requirements of the goods, installed on the color line and color line, adjust the tension of the bottom line.

2. Punch the paper flapping with the clip at both ends. And then covered with gauze, with a clip caught in the platen around the gauze clamping.

3. Open a good position, set a variety of embroidery required parameters.

4. In the gauze on the double-sided adhesive tape, in the open position on the placement of pieces, so that part of the pieces of embroidery with the opening phase of the full overlap, with both hands pressure piece, so that pieces close In the gauze, to prevent the pieces of loose places.

5, lathe in the release of pieces, it should be clear up and down the pieces of the positive and negative, recognize each of the goods placed in the line.

6. Turn the lever switch to the right to start the machine, then the computer embroidery machine began to embroidery. Turn the lever switch to the left, the machine stops.

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