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Single Head Embroidery Machine Embroidery Service Industry
Oct 12, 2017

Single Head Embroidery Machine Embroidery service industry

On September 3, the ninth meeting of the leaders of the BRIC countries was held in Xiamen, and the global eyes focused on Xiamen. The summit will be more in-depth cooperation for economic development into a new impetus for the market to provide more business opportunities. Business projects a lot, looking for a reliable project, of course, embroidery service industry is a must for business projects! Particularly suitable for some small businesses and individual entrepreneurs!

Single-end embroidery machine after decades of development, not only in the machine structure and machine work efficiency has undergone enormous changes, and embroidery machine function is more and more powerful, embroidery machine service industry more and more widely! Embroidery materials, acupuncture, technology and so on innovation, greatly enhance the efficiency of the machine to meet the customer personalized custom embroidery services. But of course: 1. What are the first-hand embroidery machine for entrepreneurs? 2. Single head embroidery machine investment prospects? 3. What are the functions of a single-head embroidery machine? 4. Embroidery machine technical support? These embroidery machines help you solve!

Single-head embroidery machine due to the small footprint, the installation of the machine operation and post-maintenance are convenient, the machine can be customized according to customer needs 9-pin, 12-pin, 15-pin, with the corresponding flat embroidery, clothing, cap embroidery and other optional devices, Service a lot of embroidery industry. Of course, single-head embroidery machine costs low cost, especially for individual embroidery entrepreneurs:

1, pet shop - according to the owner preferences, to the pet clothes embroidery

2, sewing shop, clothing custom shop - according to customer requirements embroidery personality pattern

3, trendy clothing store - clothing, jeans and other personalized clothing embroidery

4, travel company - tour group T-shirt, hat business logo embroidery

5, home textiles stores - selling all kinds of embroidery home bed household items

6, dry cleaners - to provide DIY embroidery, improve the turnover of the entire store of course, for embroidery entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is not a simple matter, and ultimately, the analysis and assessment of the embroidery market. Embroidery machine based on years of experience in embroidery machine and customer feedback, summed up the following single-head embroidery machine cost investment and profit output:

Cost input

⊙ pre-machine equipment investment to 50,000 yuan based.

⊙ accessories cost: embroidery line, color line 7 yuan / month, black and white line 5 yuan / month, each line can be embroidered 33 million needle, about 0.02 yuan per thousand. (Man-made waste is not included)

⊙ ordinary lining: a 23 yuan, wide 90CM, 40M long, according to the pattern area, about 1000 yuan per thousand needle. (Man-made waste is not included).

⊙ power consumption: the total power consumption of the machine is 0.3 kilowatts / hour, the machine to do the normal turn for 1000 r / min. (Man-made working hours are not included) ⊙ return cycle ratio calculation: 9 yuan / piece x100 pieces = 900 yuan


Month: 30 days x900 yuan = 27,000 yuan / month

50,000 yuan of machinery and equipment investment in 2 months or so funds can be withdrawn, the other profits are net profit income

Domestic embroidery machine sales market

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