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Single Head Embroidery Machine Embroidery Process
Aug 29, 2017

Single Head Embroidery Machine Embroidery process

How to do a perfect embroidery dress unique, endowed with charm, a simple piece of cloth, and then through the various embroidery embroidery machine production process, can make fabric is different.

How to fix the cloth embroidery is reasonable, according to the different fabrics have different methods:

Class 1, blankets or flash, embroider line heel stick cloth will not be too big contrast, can be directly to the receipt or single needle (note generally half the width of the position at the edge of the bag, needle fixed best back and forth, not overlap, the second line should be more on the inside point); The flying side USES three needles or five needles, had better use a single needle to walk again embroider. 2, plain cloth, fabric mainly in this category may fall yarn, can use E first words when fixed needle, with a nail or a single needle fixed first, and then in the near the package edge with single needle, with a huge tooth fixed needle (triangle), general said foolproof.

3, knitting class, this kind of fabric shrinkage is the main issue, so playing patch frame line to pull over as far as possible, general heart from outside package edge 0.3-0.5 MM is good, can in the middle of the package edge when fixed along injection first, and then with a triangular needle fixed better. Take an embroidery step

1. Need a thicker liner or gauze to make a base cloth;

2. Secure the lining paper or yarn net on the border frame with a clip;

3. Sew the pattern shape that needs to be cut off with single stitches (open position);

4. Cut the cloth with scissors. At the same time, place a piece of thick paper under a cloth to prevent the plate from being damaged;

5. Paste the double-sided tape at the incision;

6. Lining paper in the cutting position;

7. Then place the fabric on top

8. Embroidery;

9. Prepare two or more cutting holes in the upper and lower lines. When the present embroidery is completed, the next step can be continued; When a piece of fabric is being embroidered, you can remove a piece of embroidery that has already been finished, without having to stop the embroidery machine to replace the fabric, greatly increasing the productivity.

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