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Single Head Embroidery Machine Assembly Of Precision Control
Oct 23, 2017

Single Head Embroidery Machine Assembly of precision control

At present, China's embroidery machine quality problems appear most prominent in the mechanical part. The mechanical part focuses on the quality control of parts and the accuracy of assembly control.

In terms of the quality of parts, because most of the embroidery machine parts are purchased outside, to control this part of the key quality is to control the quality of mining components. In the face of the product from the high profit return to low profit competition ruthless fact, driven by economic interests in the country there are a large number of shoddy parts, which requires enterprises to long-term economic interests and brand benefits as the most important, strict implementation of parts procurement incentives System, improve the quality of procurement personnel, from the source to ensure the quality of imports into the factory parts.

In the assembly accuracy, companies should strive to cultivate skilled assembly staff work hard. At the same time should improve the quality inspection facilities, in the assembly process with a dedicated instrument to improve the assembly accuracy.

1. New product development of new features

A business a product you want to have long-term vitality must spend great effort to focus on innovation work. Embroidery machine business, you can participate in domestic and foreign embroidery machine trade fairs, exhibitions, technology exposition, go out to understand the development trend of such products. Using new technology, new technology, new structure, the characteristics of new materials. Broaden horizons and track the pace of the twenty-first century. At the same time, according to the introduction of sales staff and customer tracking contact, to understand the product to be improved part of the product, and constantly improve the design. Embroidery machine from the initial simple industrial sewing machine to the development of such a mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products is the process of continuous improvement and innovation.

Embroidery machine development trend is generally efficient, stable, multi-functional. On this basis, the production enterprises in the product operation of human nature, embroidery process safety, maintenance convenience, etc. can also make a big fuss. 2. Attention to enterprise management organization

Modern social market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, competition among enterprises in the enterprise evolved into the enterprise management competition. Enterprises can effectively organize the production of the enterprise, whether the full use of all aspects of enterprise resources to become a reasonable control of product costs, the smooth occupation of the market an important factor.

Embroidery machine business, the most important thing is the source materials and parts procurement and management 3. To enhance cooperation between manufacturers and exchanges

Embroidery machine business is not just a competitive relationship, but also need some cooperation and exchange. Only through the interaction between the industry, communication, speed up technological progress and the establishment of innovative mechanisms. Under the leadership of China Sewing Machinery Association, through the establishment of professional committee organization, play the overall advantages of the industry, standardize the domestic market order, safeguarding the overall interests of the industry, through orderly competition, to promote the healthy development of China's computer embroidery machine industry.

The professional committee should take appropriate measures to formulate the "rules of the game" of the industry, strengthen the quality inspection, review and model management, propaganda, foster excellent brands, fight against fake and shoddy products, to improve product quality level, catch up with the international advanced level.

Strengthen the exchange and learning between enterprises, and regularly carry out new products and new technology exhibition. Under the necessary conditions, the relevant enterprises can organize joint research, make full use of their resources to improve the technical level of the entire industry.

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