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Single Head Embroidery Machine According To Different
Sep 28, 2017

Single Head Embroidery Machine According to different

How does embroidery not wrinkle?

Embroidered for different fabrics, different patterns, use different lining Stretch fabric, the fabric can not be stretched too tight can not be too loose; if the use of soft and thin fabric embroidery, it is best not to use stitch-intensive patterns; and the use of box clip.

Embroidered silk fabric

Embroidered silk fabric must use trumpet embroidery needle, 9, 11 needle. The lining is preferably a water-soluble lining or a tearable liner. If necessary, apply a soft cloth at the rim to prevent the fabric from being printed.

Low speed embroidery.

Crochet embroidered water-soluble lining

Used for crochet embroidered water-soluble lining, too soft jump needle, too hard will break the lining, so the use of a soft and hard two layers of lining up better.

The difference between the various embroidery foot

Ordinary embroidery presser foot for free pressure line or embroidery; open toe embroidery presser foot for free pressure line, the opening of the toes to see more clearly the stitch; spring embroidery presser foot for free pressure line or embroidery, suitable for Thick fabric or cotton embroidery; spring-style open-toe embroidery presser foot is more suitable for the free pressure on the cotton thread, the toe can make the stitching in the line to see more clearly.

What is the line and needle for embroidery?

According to different fabrics and embroidery tricks, choose a different embroidery thread, and sometimes will use a special line (such as metal wire) can be used when the ordinary embroidery ordinary needle, but the best use of special embroidery embroidery machine needle Head embroidery machine used to encounter problems. Single head embroidery machine, literally I think you should understand, single head embroidery machine, embroidery machine, or embroidery machine. In the beginning of the manual embroidery, embroidery of the so-called single-head embroidery machine embroidery machine is not really sense, because the single-head embroidery machine is the use of traditional sewing machine, change into a small hole on the floor, with sewing machine needle up and down, plus On a hand-held stool tight cloth, moving back and forth, in fact, the so-called single-head embroidery machine embroidery machine, it is still a hand embroidery.

Single-head embroidery machine mechanical and electrical principles: embroidery CAD software first plate, the production of samples, will carry the embroidery process and mode disk in the computer disk drive, respectively, under the control of the program, the computer will synchronize coordinates and stretch box X, Y direction of the amount of displacement of the electrical signal, X, Y, Z single-chip motor speed control system, the output three-phase six-wire motor power amplifier power amplifier box, red X, Y, stepper motor, with dynamic tension frame X and Y to complete the feed between the movement; at the same time, z-step motor drive, needle movement up and down, so that embroidery continues.

Single-head embroidery machine embroidery machine.

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