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Mixed Embroidery Machine Type Of Embroidery
Sep 08, 2017

Mixed Embroidery Machine Type of embroidery

Clothing enterprises increasingly fierce competition, increase product development efforts, strengthen the market operation and management, the deployment of all-round brand strategy, update the market planning and other aspects of continuous action. Accounting for the Guangdong local clothing enterprises, but also to continue to expand in line with the fashion trend of the product line, the development of emerging clothing business, to seize market opportunities, and one of the most promising is the high-end embroidery processing. The new high-end embroidery, including a lot of underwear lace embroidery, animation lace embroidery, wedding dresses and embroidery, performance clothing embroidery, etc. These are currently embroidery products, the competitiveness is relatively small, high price, high quality requirements of computer embroidery, creativity and Design is more important, and with the stars, ladies, large cities such as white-collar workers and other economic conditions are more and more people, more and more demand, high-end unique embroidery will be more people to accept the favorite. Personalized computer embroidery custom era is gradually open. Now, whether it is industrial products, electronic products, consumer goods and other specific products or consulting, services, cultural products and other abstract products, large and small categories are in the custom. In contrast to clothing, computer embroidery as a processing technology, not a specific product. But the computer embroidery processing business has gradually become a garment manufacturer, clothing company, brand clothing studio and other enterprises an important way of value-added products. In recent years the development of faster, with rich experience in embroidery and a number of outstanding staff, and the introduction of high-end imports of computer blending machine more than 20 Taiwan, specializing in the production of high-end clothing embroidery processing and personalized embroidery custom. Blending machine to re-integrity, stresses efficiency, refined research and development, the concept of quality assurance to help customers solve all the mechanical operation, maintenance and fault handling, and many other issues. With the design center has a number of senior plate division division, with rich experience and equipment embroidery, for businesses to provide new embroidery version of the service, to promote diversification of embroidery types.

Computer blended machine is relatively a relatively sophisticated machinery, want to achieve greater efficiency in the production, to extend the return on investment equipment, do the maintenance of the machine is imperative. Mixing machine maintenance usually contains two kinds: First, preventive and maintenance; Second, production and maintenance. The so-called prevention and maintenance refers to the machinery is not broken before the regular inspection or regular care; the so-called production and maintenance, refers to how to reduce production costs and improve product quality maintenance, the two are inseparable, combined.

    In order to be able to better do the maintenance work of the blending machine, we have here to develop a "three maintenance" system.

    1. daily maintenance

  The daily maintenance of the blending machine is carried out by the operator (the stall driver). The equipment is carefully checked before the class or class 5 to 10 minutes. The equipment is carefully checked by the equipment before the class or 10 to 15 minutes after the class. And require wiping the various parts of the machine and filling the oil, so that equipment often keep neat, clean, lubricated, safe. Class equipment failure, timely exclusion.

    2. Maintenance of the primary maintenance machine for one month (one shift) is required to be maintained at one time. Maintenance of the first level by the operator is responsible for the maintenance of workers to guide the required, according to the requirements of the equipment for local demolition and inspection to clean up the provisions of the site, clear the oil, pipes, clean oil lines, linoleum, oil filter, adjust the equipment positioning with the gap, Tighten loose screws.

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