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Mixed Embroidery Machine Requires Voltage Stability
Aug 15, 2017

Mixed Embroidery Machine Requires voltage stability

1. Mixing machine maintenance should pay attention to the physical environment and electrical environment, the physical environment of the normal plant can meet the conditions, not too dry or too wet, the temperature of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius, the relative temperature of 30% to 70%. Well ventilated well,

      2. Electrical requirements require a higher voltage stability, it is best to install transformers, the working voltage is generally 380V or 220V, foreign use of 110V, the working power is generally 1.5KW to 2KW, single-head blending machine is generally 500W,

      3. Research production of the world's first brand 686 lace water-soluble blending machine work efficiency is 3.5KW. Open, shut off the moment the current generated by the stability of the work more than the frequent switching will lead to too fast or the system overload, will reduce the life of embroidery machine, which should also be noted.

Blended machine is the most advanced equipment in today's embroidery industry, inherited the ancient Chinese embroidery culture, it as a high-tech products, in the maintenance of the time, also need to scientific management to protect the operation of the machine and parts integrity, so that the use of blending machine Get better and better.

Blended machine is a variety of high-tech display of mechanical and electrical products. With the innovation of domestic blending machine technology, domestic blending machine is also flourishing, such as blending machine is committed to creating "China embroidery machine excellent brand", its function has been hit more than 90% of imported machines, Good substitutes, widely praised by the industry and customers favor.

Why the blending machine in the embroidery industry have such a sensation effect? What is the main configuration of the blending machine? To the blending machine, for example, it mainly includes: electric control system, spindle motor, embroidery frame drive, excellent rotary hook, original imported belt, new linear drive rails, automatic trimming device, through the installation of technical personnel to form a strong Function, to achieve a comprehensive automation of mechanical embroidery.

With the maturity of the blending machine technology, it has developed from the original flat embroidery machine into various kinds of embroidery machine, such as ordinary embroidery machine, gold embroidery (sub-single, double gold, gold, four gold), lace Water-soluble, towel embroidery, embroidery (rope embroidery), laser embroidery, flocking embroidery, hat embroidery clothing embroidery, high-speed machines, etc., at the same time a variety of functional mixing of high-end models, such as triple + Wrapped embroidery), four in one (flat embroidery + gold embroidery + simple winding embroidery + towel embroidery) and so on. At present, the creation of the world's first 686 and other 643 series of lace water-soluble embroidery machine, is lace lace special blender, high efficiency, high production capacity, applicable to all kinds of lace embroidery processing, to achieve professional lace docking program.

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