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Mixed Embroidery Machine Program Control
Sep 28, 2017

Mixed Embroidery Machine Program control

Blended machine machinery and electrical principles:

First with embroidery CAD software plate, after generating the pattern, will contain the embroidery program and the pattern of discs were placed in the computer disk drive, under the control of the program, the computer will be synchronized with the pattern coordinates of the box frame X, Y direction The amount of displacement of the equivalent of the electrical signal, sent to the X, Y, Z single-chip system for motor speed processing, the output three-phase six-number, line motor power amplifier for power amplification, red support X, Y stepper motor, driven Stretch frame to complete the X, Y between the feed movement; at the same time drive Z stepper motor, driving the needle for the upper and lower movement, so that embroidery continued to go on.

Z stepper motor through the synchronous toothed belt and other drive head drive mechanism rotation, the specific mechanism of the nose to lead the body and the needle with the head line to make, under the movement, puncture fabric; hook line mechanism in the rotation of the hook The upper thread around the possession of the bottom line bobbin case; thread take-up mechanism movement, conveying the upper thread, tighten the stitch, prepare the next stitch line. X, Y stepper motor through the synchronous toothed belt and other institutions to drive the frame and fabric for the plane movement. Will be on the fabric to be embroidered at the track point to the needle embroidery, needle movement up and down the speed and the direction of the movement of the box, the amount of movement and movement speed coordination with the movement, so that the upper thread and the bottom line twisted on the fabric Make a two-wire lock stitch. When the embroidery continues to proceed, complete the pattern of computer embroidery. Embroidery has been from the original era along the trend of the times came to the modern textile industry, and in the modern textile industry in the embroidery products than before also enriched a lot, but the embroidery factory has also become a pivotal member of the industry, and many embroidery Factory production of embroidery products have received the attention of the world, by the people of the country. China as an embroidery country, the number of embroidery factory is also countless, the use of embroidery products are quite a lot of people, but the type of embroidery and the characteristics of ignorant, now by Xiaobian for everyone to explain the little knowledge of embroidery.

Embroidery products produced in the embroidery factory, usually divided into two kinds: one is a ribbon, one is coated, for these two different embroidery products and preservation of the material is also a certain stress, ribbon Compared with the coating is more expensive, and embroidery is generally made of ribbon material or non-woven material, the best use of folding the way to put it, otherwise there will be burr phenomenon; and for the coating Of the embroidery can not fold collection, this will lead to changes in texture. But now the embroidery factory, has developed a more special embroidery products, which is a use of satin stickers or satin cloth stickers made of goods, this product has a lot of advantages of embroidery products, For example, resistant to washing, do not fade, high-definition advantages, most of the embroidery factory has these more common embroidery products.

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