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Mixed Embroidery Machine Precautions
Nov 01, 2017

Mixed Embroidery Machine Precautions

In different manufacturers have different towel mixed embroidery machine design, in the manufacture of equipment when there will be different technology and selection of the situation, the market supply of many embroidery machines will be in the quality of the differences. This requires everyone to buy equipment, pay attention to the following as the quality of the embroidery machine to do a good job in order to ensure that their purchase of embroidery machine has a very good quality.

Buy towel mixed embroidery machine Note first embroidery machine Xiaobian tell you how to determine the quality of embroidery machine:

First, look at the embroidery machine material: must be made of high quality materials produced with a fine material of the towel mixed embroidery machine, in terms of quality will be more advantages. Which we buy embroidery machine, naturally able to see through the embroidery machine material, its quality to make identification.

Second, look at the structure of embroidery machine: good quality towel mixed embroidery machine must have a good quality and very stable is not easy to solve the problem of the overall structure, which we can by observing the overall structure of the embroidery machine to make the quality of the equipment Identification.

Third, to understand the life of embroidery machine: from the production point of view, all manufacturers need to be in accordance with the relevant production regulations, to ensure that their own towel mixed embroidery machine in terms of service life to reach a certain number of years. From the application point of view, the higher the quality of the equipment life is bound to be longer. So we can understand the life of the embroidery machine, the quality of its identification.

From these aspects, embroidery machine practitioners must be able to accurately identify the quality of towel mixed embroidery machine, in order to optimize the choice of embroidery machine. Clothing enterprises increasingly fierce competition, increase product research and development efforts to strengthen the market operation and management, the deployment of all-round brand strategy, update the market planning and other aspects of continuous action. Accounting for the Guangdong local clothing enterprises, but also to continue to expand in line with the fashion trend of the product line, the development of emerging clothing business, to seize market opportunities, and one of the most promising is the high-end embroidery processing. The new high-end embroidery, including a lot of underwear lace embroidery, animation lace embroidery, wedding dress and embroidery, performance clothing embroidery, etc. These are currently embroidery products, the competitiveness is relatively small, high price, high quality requirements of computer embroidery, creativity and Design is more important, and with the stars, ladies, big cities such as white-collar workers and other economic conditions are more and more people, more and more demand, high-end unique embroidery will be more people to accept the favorite. Embroidery customization can be carried out for a full range of product types, with a broad space for development. "Custom" was originally tailored for individual customers tailored, with the development of the times changes, "custom" the meaning of the word has gradually been enriched. Customized products to meet the pursuit of quality and personality of the psychological, but also the true sense of the formation of personalized consumption. No matter what the custom object is, there is a same soul, that is, consumers participate in the process of product production.

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