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Mixed Embroidery Machine High Quality Materials
Aug 29, 2017

Mixed Embroidery Machine High quality materials

In different manufacturers have different mixed embroidery machine design, at the time of manufacturing equipment will have different process and material, under the situation of market supply of embroidery machine will there is a difference in terms of quality. Therefore, it is required that people should pay attention to the quality and quality of embroidery machines when purchasing equipment, so as to ensure that the embroidery machines purchased are of excellent quality.

Pay attention to purchase of mixed embroidery machine

First of all, the embroidery machine is a small part to tell you how to judge the quality of embroidery machine:

First, the material of the embroidery machine: it is necessary to use high-quality materials to make a mixed embroidery machine with fine materials, which will be more advantageous in quality. Therefore, when you are buying embroidery machines, you will be able to identify the quality of the embroidery machine.

Second, the structure of the embroidery machine: good quality mixed embroidery machine with good quality and very stable not easy to appear the problem of the overall structure, thus we can by looking at the overall structure of the embroidery machine, to make identification to the quality of the equipment.

And understand the life of the embroidery machine 3: from the Angle of production, each manufacturer needs to be in accordance with the relevant production regulations of the state, guarantee their mixed embroidery machine reaches a certain fixed number of year in terms of service life. From the perspective of application, the longer the service life of the better equipment, the longer it will be. Therefore, we can identify the quality of embroidery machines by understanding the life span of embroidery machines.

From the above aspects, the embroider worker must be able to accurately identify the quality of the mixed embroidery machine, thus to optimize the choice of embroidery machine.

The competition of clothing enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. We will intensify product research and development, strengthen market operation management, deploy a comprehensive brand strategy, and update market planning, etc. Guangdong trails in domestic garment enterprises, to continue to expand more conform to the fashion trend of product line, development of new clothing business, seize market opportunities, and is one of the most development prospects in the high-end embroidery processing. Emerging high-end embroidery include a lot of, have underwear lace embroidery, anime lace embroidery, wedding dress and embroidery, costume embroidery and so on, these embroidery products, competitiveness is relatively small, the unit price is high, the high quality demand of computer embroidery, creativity and design is more important, and the stars, celebrities, white-collar workers in big cities such as economic conditions good people more and more, demand more and more, high-end unique embroidery will be accepted by more people.

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