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Mixed Embroidery Machine Features And Features
Jul 20, 2017

Mixed Embroidery Machine Features and features

Computer embroidery machine is a kind of clothing machinery and equipment, it is in the computer sewing machine developed on the basis of. In the formal development of computer embroidery machine has been occupied by the sewing machine market, with the development of electronic technology, the computer began to gradually control the mechanical equipment, which was born a computer sewing machine. The computer sewing machine starts with a four-axis CNC with a microprocessor. By the numerical control system control two stepper motor drive table for the plane movement, to complete the control of intermittent movement. In addition, the computer sewing machine also joined the disconnection detection, data storage and other functional modules, so that its work is stable and convenient.

Computer embroidery machine is with the development of computer sewing machine produced. It is based on the computer sewing machine to join the embroidery function, at the same time in the original machinery and equipment hardware and software have also made appropriate changes to make it better applied to embroidery work.

    Clothing machinery computer embroidery machine features and features

    Computer embroidery machine has the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, high function, high degree of automation, simple operation and low noise. Computer embroidery in the high-end machine also has a high-speed, low-speed air walking function, so that embroidery, positioning are very fast, flexible.

    Its characteristics are:

    One, excellent operability. The use of processing software makes embroidery work easy and easy to master. The use of the display device to a certain extent enhances the visualization of the operation.

    Second, with a strong editing and storage functions. Computer embroidery machine compared to the traditional embroidery machine memory ability, can remember nearly a hundred kinds of patterns, the number of memory pins to reach hundreds of thousands of needles to meet different customer needs.

    Third, the perfect control system. The new computer embroidery machine uses advanced automatic control technology, the application of this advanced technology so that embroidery machine has excellent speed performance, the spindle can get the speed of the stepless transformation.

    Fourth, the computer embroidery machine in the embroidery process, to achieve automatic cut line, automatic digging embroidery, automatic detection of disconnection, power failure protection, instruction jump needle, error automatic shutdown, stitch compensation, loop embroidery, pattern output and other functions The It is understood that China's clothing colleges around the general opening of the computer embroidery studio. In the studio placed a embroidery machine, intended to allow students to learn to operate the flower machine, learning plate, so that students design their own beautiful embroidery patterns, learn more advanced embroidery products production and management knowledge.

    With the domestic textile production technology is growing, greatly enhance the value of Chinese textiles. In particular, the popularity of computer embroidery machine and computer embroidery technology, speed up the speed and quality of textile embroidery, improve the price of textiles, but also reduce the cost of embroidery. At the same time, the whole computer embroidery technology also greatly saves the workers working time and strength, the workers only through the computer order, the fabric into the machine can complete all the embroidery work. The whole process is simple, fast, save time and effort.

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