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Mixed Embroidery Machine Development Trend
Oct 23, 2017

Mixed Embroidery Machine Development trend

China Textile Industry Association vice president and secretary general, China Textile Machinery Industry Association honorary chairman Gao Yong at the meeting a comprehensive analysis of the textile industry since the overall development trend and its influencing factors, and 2013 enterprises to make recommendations The

Gao Yong said that since this year, due to lack of external demand, the adjustment of domestic investment structure, China's economic growth rate of the more obvious decline. For the textile industry in addition to the global economic downturn in addition to the impact of huge domestic and foreign cotton spread to the textile enterprises have brought significant pressure, but also led to this year, textile enterprises generally showed a downward trend in efficiency. And this year since the cotton industry, chemical fiber industry downturn has a direct impact on the textile industry market sales. Gao Yong said that there is no effective solution to the cotton price difference between the expected cotton price difference will continue to affect the operation of the textile industry situation. Therefore, he reminded the textile machinery enterprises must speed up the adjustment of product structure, as soon as possible to change China's textile machinery industry over-reliance on cotton and chemical fiber equipment status quo.

Textile industry situation and the macroeconomic situation is inseparable. Textile machinery enterprises should jump out of the textile machinery to see textile machinery, to pay close attention to the textile industry, products, regional adjustment, closely follow the textile industry to adjust the direction of the textile machinery to adjust the product structure. Textile machinery industry a new pattern

China Textile Machinery Industry Association, Wang Shutian this year, the development of textile machinery industry is summarized as two characteristics, one product sales structure has undergone great changes. For example, cotton spinning frame sales of more than 8800 units, down 35.57%, of which more than 2,800 long cars, an increase of 18.88%. This drop is a sign of a change, is the industry over the years a concentrated expression of technological progress. Second, Jiangsu Jinsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. acquired Ou Ruikang natural fiber and textile machinery business as the representative of the M & A operations and Changzhou Tonghe Textile Machinery Company to join the cotton host manufacturing industry as the representative of the enterprise transformation, the textile machinery manufacturing enterprises The pattern has undergone some changes. This means that the textile industry next year will be likely to appear a new pattern. Turning to the development of textile machinery industry next year, Wang Shutian said that regardless of the future development of the textile industry in the country, or to other countries in Southeast Asia, textile machinery sales can be followed. However, China's textile machinery enterprises in the global combat capability is weak, the industry level of international lack. For the textile industry, there are two major problems to go beyond: First, the need to improve the core business innovation capacity, the second is the need to improve the concentration of industry, to avoid excessive competition. Wang Shutian said that the current textile machinery market is in the winter, hope that enterprises can take advantage of this opportunity to conduct an effective self-adjustment.

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