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Mechanism And Electrical Principle Of Embroidery Machine
Jul 31, 2018

Embroidery machine also known as embroidery machine or computer embroidery machine, embroidery machine working principle: first use embroidery mechanism version software, generate sample version (embroidery machine), the embroidery program and patterns are put into the computer disk drive respectively, under the control of the program, the electroencephalon coordinates change to the frame x, Y direction The electrical signal of the equivalent displacement is sent to the X, y and Z singlechip system to carry out the motor lift and lift speed processing, output the three-phase six beat signal, the power amplifier box of the motor amplifies the power, the red branch x, the Y step motor, drive the frame to complete the feed movement between X and y, and drive the Z stepping motor, and take the motor needle as the upper and lower movements, so that the motor can be moved up and down with the motive needle. Make the embroidery go on continuously.

The Z step motor rotates through the drive mechanism of the synchronous gear belt and other driving mechanism. The specific mechanism of the head makes the lead mechanism and needle to lead the face line to make, move and puncture the fabric. The spin shuttle in the hook and wire mechanism makes the line bypass the bottom line shuttle shell; the line picking mechanism moves, conveyed the face line and tightened the track to prepare the next one. A line segment of a line track. X, y stepper motor drives the silk frame and fabric to move flat through synchronous gear belt. Each stitch on the fabric is sent to the needle embroidery, the speed of the movement on the machine needle and the direction of the movement of the frame, the movement and the moving speed are coordinated, and the line and the bottom line are twisted, and the double line track is made on the fabric. When embroidery continues, the pattern of computerized embroidery is completed.

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