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How To Look At The Profession In The Novice Embroidery Machine
May 04, 2017

For a newcomer to embroidery machine friends, in familiar with the company's environment and business at the same time, also embroidery machine and garment industry mysterious veil feel boundless curiosity. After the company's training and take over the work, contact with the apparel and embroidery industry professionals in the market of some complaints and worries. So, is China's apparel and embroidery industry, as they say, already stepped into the "winter"?

Basic necessities are indispensable, for the market, "clothing" this industry will never have "sunset industry" said. But why in recent years, so many Chinese businessmen lamented that the clothing market is not good? Business is difficult to do? or change careers?

Because the market is a survival of the fittest environment, coupled with China's advocacy in recent years is "China's creation", resulting in the following situations:

Many less competitive small factory orders;

Small factories without advanced machines can not improve quality, order loss;

The production of machine efficiency is not high, production is insufficient, labor and time cost is high, can not profit;

High-end garment company production line transferred to the third World countries, so that to undertake their embroidery and other personalized processing factories without orders can be answered, direct closure.

Whether the new industry rookie, or the industry's senior professionals, are deeply aware of the development of all walks of life, only constantly upgrading their professional skills, competitiveness, walking in the forefront of the industry, can not be eliminated by the market. Waves Amoy Sand, constantly, in China's economic development, more and more expensive labor, from the competition of the Third World countries, China's enterprises if they still stay in the small processing of the previous workshops, backward machines, relying on the amount can survive the idea of the Chinese apparel industry has entered the "winter", this is you and I do not want to see.

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