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How To Do The Scalability Of Embroidery Textiles
May 04, 2017

Currently, there are two major types of fabrics with flexible embroidery:

(1) Sewing machine needle cutting or cross-cutting yarn, so that it is easy to break the elastic yarn, and the flexibility of the fabric performance and the stability of the seams weakened.

(2) The needle tip may be forced to stretch yarn out of textiles, or friction between the needle and the elastic yarn, which may drag the latter out of the textile and become the wire ring.

A method for scalability of common embroidery textiles

1. In the market, there are often fashionable and flexible textiles, some of the raw materials are man-made fibres, because it is susceptible to heat. Therefore, in sewing this kind of textiles, will produce more difficulties, the use of good quality needle is very important, but also to reduce the speed of sewing, avoiding the needle overheating.

2. For the expanded talcum powder of flexible textiles, the friction between the needle and the line can be reduced. The use of water to wet textiles can also get a similar effect. In this case, the best use of anti-rust agents, coupled with soap can further reduce friction. Coated with dried soap before sewing can also reduce friction and reduce damage. Spraying a layer with plastic slip fog around the seams is also a way to reduce loss.

3. Sewing, the greater the difference in nature textiles, the more difficult the sewing job. For example, the satin of the chest garment should be avoided and sewn with flexible textiles, because the former is easy to rupture, must be very small needle, and sewing a flexible textile, the need to use a rough needle tip.

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