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How To Do The Maintenance Of Computer Embroidery Machine And Improve The Production Efficiency Of Embroidery Machine Equipment
May 04, 2017

Computer embroidery machine relative to a relatively sophisticated machinery, want to achieve greater efficiency in production, and extend the return of equipment investment, machine maintenance is imperative. The maintenance of the embroidery machine usually contains two kinds: one is preventive maintenance and the second is production and maintenance. The so-called preventive maintenance refers to the machinery not broken before, to be regularly inspected or regular care; the so-called production maintenance, means how to reduce production costs, improve product quality maintenance, the two are inseparable and merged.

In order to be able to better the maintenance of embroidery machine, we have developed a "three-level maintenance" system here. 1. Daily Maintenance

Embroidery machine Routine maintenance, by the operator (Gear Turner), the general equipment used before or after the class 5-10 minutes to carefully inspect the equipment, key equipment used before or after the class 10-15 minutes to carefully inspect the equipment. and require wiping the machine parts and filling lubricants, so that the equipment is often kept neat, tidy, lubrication, safety. The equipment malfunction in the class, promptly to exclude.

2. The A-level maintenance machine operates one months (one-class system) for a primary maintenance. A level maintenance is responsible for the operator, mechanic protection of the guidance of the equipment, according to the requirements of local demolition and inspection of the cleaning requirements, dredge oil lines, pipelines, clearing the grease line, linoleum, oil filter, adjusting equipment parts of the positioning coordination clearance, fastening loose screws.

3. Level Two Maintenance

Second-level maintenance in addition to do a level maintenance content, by the repair work, responsible for every one years, to the equipment part of the disintegration of inspection and repair, replacement or repair of wear parts, cleaning, oil change, inspection repair electrical parts, local recovery accuracy, to meet the normal operation of the machine requirements.

Of course, "maintenance" heavy in the preservation and raising, also means that this work is in peacetime production work, must rely on everyone's strength, to give full play to the enthusiasm of workers, the implementation of scientific management, and work together to do well maintenance of equipment.

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