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Embroidery Machine To Create Personalized Customized Embroidery Apparel
May 04, 2017

Apparel enterprises increasingly fierce competition, increase product development efforts, strengthen market operation management, deployment of all-round brand strategy, updating the market planning and so on. Occupy the place of the Guangdong local garment enterprises, to continue to expand in line with the trend of fashion product line, the development of new apparel business, seize the market opportunities, and the most promising is the high-end embroidery processing. The new high-end embroidery includes a lot of underwear, lace embroidery, anime lace embroidery, wedding and gown embroidery, performance apparel embroidery, and so on, the current embroidery products, relatively small competitiveness, high price, high quality of computer embroidery requirements, creativity and design is more important, and with the stars, celebrities, big city white-collar workers and other economic conditions are more and more people, demand is also more and more, high-end unique embroidery will be more people accept love.

Embroidery customization can be operated on a full range of products, with a broad space for development. "Customization" is tailored for individual customers, with the development of the times changes, the meaning of the word "customization" is gradually enriched. Customized products cater to the people's pursuit of quality and personality of the mentality, and the real sense of the formation of personalized consumption. No matter what the object is customized, there is a same soul, that is, the consumer participates in the process of product production.

Personalized Computer Embroidery Customization era is gradually open. Now whether it is industrial products, electronic goods, consumer goods and other specific product or consulting, services, cultural products, such as abstract products, large and small category are in the direction of customization. In contrast to garments, computer embroidery is a process, not a specific product. But computer embroidery processing business has gradually become a garment manufacturer, apparel company, brand Apparel studios and other enterprise value-added products important way.

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