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Embroidery Machine Novice, Not Missed Three Main Points Of Operation
May 04, 2017

A. First is the determination of the pattern, choose to embroider, we want to make embroidered with the design of the software, the commonly used embroidery software has Wilkem embroidery software, easy to understand, at present more general, Wilkem good at processing cross-stitch category, more innovative. General recommendation four more than one machine to consider with professional version of the master.

Two. When processing or modifying the embroidery edition, the order of the embroidery must be known. Check the embroidery order of the pattern design in the pattern Design "run" by stitch, section, function, or object. You can also check the embroidery order by displaying it on the screen slowly. DG/ML can simulate the embroidery process, when "embroidery", the stitch will gradually turn from black to the configuration of the embroidered line color.

Electronic control system Operation embroidery

Third, in the actual process of embroidery machine should be strictly according to the operation requirements to do. Generally, each new machine is equipped with an operation manual.

1. According to the requirements of the goods, install a good color line and background line, adjust the bottom line tension.

2. Put on the paper and clamp on both ends with a clip. Then spread the gauze, with the cloth clip on the table plate four weeks, the gauze clamp tight.

3. Open a good position, set a variety of embroidery parameters required.

4. On the gauze affixed to double-sided adhesive paper, in the position of the open strip on the upper floor, so that the part of the CD embroidery is completely coincident with the open band bit, with both hands to press the CD, so that the pieces of the plate cling to the gauze, prevent the CD stretching.

5, Turner in the display of cutting, should be divided into clear cutting pieces of the upper and lower. Positive and negative, identify each item of the swing line.

6. Toggle the lever switch to the right, can start the machine, at this time the computer embroidery machine is started to embroider. Toggle the lever switch to the left, then the machine stops.

7. In the process of embroidery, if there is leakage needle, needle jumping, off line, should return to the needle, and keep the CD clean.

8. When the embroidery is finished, the operator should withdraw the pieces according to the stipulated stacking. These steps are a cycle of production scale.

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