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Embroidery Machine Effect, You Really Know
May 04, 2017

1. Flat Embroidery

Flat embroidery is the most widely used embroidery in embroidery, as long as it is can embroider the material can do flat embroidery embroidery.

2. Stereo Embroidery

Three-dimensional embroidery (3d) is the use of embroidery line Eva plastic bags in the form of three-dimensional pattern, plain embroidery can be produced.

3. Hollow Three-dimensional embroidery

Hollow three-dimensional embroidery can use ordinary flat embroidery on the production, is the use of foam plastic similar three-dimensional embroidery method, embroidery after washing with dry cleaning machine to foaming glue and forming intermediate hollow.

4. Sticking cloth Embroidery

Patch embroidery is to use the patch instead of needle traces to save the embroidery line to make the pattern more vivid, ordinary flat embroidery machine can be produced.

5. Coarse line Embroidery

Coarse line Embroidery is the use of coarse sewing thread as embroidery line, with the large needle or large needle, coarse wire spindle and needle plate to complete embroidery, ordinary flat embroidery machine can be produced.

6. Carved Hole Embroidery

Carved holes embroidery can be used in ordinary flat embroidery machine production, is the use of carved hole knife cloth to wear, and then embroidered with the edge of the middle of the formation of a hole-shaped.

7. Flat Gold Wire Embroidery

Flat gold wire can be used to produce ordinary flat embroidery machine

8. Bead Embroidery

Specify the shape of the same size beads into a rope-shaped material, then in addition to the bead embroidery device on the flat embroidery machine.

9. Planting Needlepoint

Plant needlepoint can be used in ordinary flat embroidery machine production, but need to install flocking needle, embroidery principle is the use of flocking needle hook on the velvet cloth fiber velvet planted on another cloth.

10. Toothbrush Embroidery

Toothbrush embroidery also known as vertical line embroidery, can be in ordinary flat embroidery machine production, embroidery method and three-dimensional embroidery, but after finishing the film need to cut off a part of the film all take away, embroidered line naturally erect.

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