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Cap Embroidery Machine Versatile
Oct 12, 2017

Cap Embroidery Machine Versatile

In the first few paragraphs we talked about the hat embroidery machine functional diversity, such as hat embroidery machine can embroidered hat, embroidered shoes, embroidered phone shell, embroidered watches, embroidered uniforms. This is the importance of custom custom hat embroidery machine! But after buying the machine, how should we maintain our hat embroidery machine, especially the computer hat embroidery machine brain - electric control system. In fact, most of the enterprises to buy a hat embroidery machine do not know how to maintain the hat embroidery machine electronic control system, if the hat embroidery machine electronic control system is good, you can effectively increase the life of the hat embroidery machine. Hat embroidery machine Xiaobian, to tell you about the maintenance of computer hat embroidery machine electronic control system precautions, we hope to engage in computer embroidery work help! 1. Remove dust from the control box

Machine use for some time, more dust, clean up dust should be used to clean the compressed air and soft brush, but also to ensure that the control box dry.

2. Check the operation of the fan on the chassis

Check whether the fan on the box is running and cooling function is normal, make timely adjustments.

3. Wipe the control cabinet with grease

Regularly wipe the oil on the chassis, etc., to avoid a variety of oil attached to the chassis or into the chassis.

4. Prevent electronic control display button wear

Electronically controlled display to do regular protection, to avoid the display of the key failure and damage

5. Check the power supply line of the electronic control system

Check that the power supply cord is secure and secure

6. Regularly check the electronic control of the external connection

The connection between the various parts of the electronic control system is good, the connection point and the connection cable insulation protection is intact, no damage.

7. Temporarily not use the hat embroidery machine, to regularly power

Long-term use of the hat embroidery machine, to regularly power (2 to 3 days power is appropriate), each power duration of more than 1 hour.

8. If the computer hat embroidery machine long unused

Of course, computer hats embroidery machine is not used for a long time, need to have professional and technical personnel to check, such as control box dust, wet or not, the chassis ground line situation!

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