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Cap Embroidery Machine The Production Efficiency
Aug 29, 2017

Cap Embroidery Machine The production efficiency

How to do the computer embroidery machine maintenance, improve the embroidery machine equipment production efficiency return

Computer embroidery machine is a relatively sophisticated machine that wants to achieve greater efficiency in production. It is imperative to improve the investment return of equipment and maintain the maintenance of the machine. The maintenance of embroider machine usually contains two kinds: one is preventive maintenance; Second, production maintenance. Preventive maintenance refers to periodic inspection or regular care before the machine breaks down. The so-called production maintenance refers to how to reduce the cost of production and improve the quality of products, which are inseparable and combined.

In order to be able to better do the maintenance work of embroidery machine, we have developed a "tertiary care" system here.

1. Daily maintenance

Embroidery machine daily maintenance, and shall be conducted by the operators (gear lathe work), common equipment used before or after 5 ~ 10 minutes to carefully check equipment, key equipment made before or after 10 ~ 15 minutes to check equipment. It is required to clean all parts of the machine and add lubricating oil to keep the equipment tidy, clean, lubricated and safe. The equipment failure in the class, timely to be ruled out.

2. Primary maintenance

The operation of the machine for one month requires a primary maintenance. Level of the operator is responsible for the maintenance and overhaul maintenance man to guide, according to the requirements for partial disassembly and the clean-up equipment parts, dredge oil, pipes, clean up the oil line, linoleum, oil filter, adjust the various parts of the equipment positioning fit clearance, tighten loose screws.

3. Secondary maintenance

Level 2 maintenance in addition to the complete level 1 maintenance content, shall be the responsibility of the maintenance man tinker, once every other year, for equipment inspection and repair of partial dissolution, replace or repair worn parts, cleaning, oil changes, check repair electrical parts, partial recovery, precision meet the requirements of the machine run properly.

Of course, protect and raise "maintenance", means that the work is done in the normal production work, must want to rely on everyone's power, to give full play to the staff's enthusiasm, implement scientific management, jointly do a good job of the equipment maintenance program.

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