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Cap Embroidery Machine Reason For Disconnection
Jul 20, 2017

Cap Embroidery Machine Reason for disconnection

There are many factors that affect the disconnection, to make the machine less, the machine must be level, smooth, jitter when running; the spindle rotation is light; the gap between the parts to be small; the installation of the parts to be accurate (the reference Point of the parameters correct); over the line and the hole to be smooth; the following are some of the more common reasons for disconnection:


  A) the smoothness of the needle is not enough, needle groove, pinhole polishing is not good,

  B) the needle is bent, or the installation is not in place;

  C) The mounting angle of the needle is not correct, the trunking is not in front, the left or right is too much, or the trunking is on the back;

  D) there are attachments (such as glue) in the pinhole;

  E) Needle screw position is not right, should be in the positive side of the right about 40 degrees;


  A) line of poor quality, strength is not enough, too hard, too brittle, too many lines on the link;

  B) the rotation is wrong, the application of the left line;

  C) the tension of the line is too great;

  D) line off the line;

  E) line with pin number unworthy;

3. Cable system

  A) over the line hole, over the line, over the line hook, clip line, on, in the next line, take the line bar, pick line spring and other lines at the rough or burr;

  B) pin chuck, presser foot on the burr;

  C) needle plate hole rough or burr;

4. hooks

  A) hook on the hook, or the gap is too large;

  B) scratches on the surface of the bobbin case;

  C) bobbin case, rotary hook deformation;

  D) scratches on the positioning rod;

  E) poor lubrication;

5. Parameter (installation location)

  A) needle bar bottom dead center position (172 degrees);

  B) hook hook hook line (196 degrees);

  C) needle bar height (172 degrees when the center of the pinhole in the rotary plane on the plane);

  D) take-up time (286 degrees);

6. The pattern is too dense or confusing.Cap Embroidery Machine

 is understood that China's clothing colleges around the general opening of the computer embroidery studio. In the studio placed a embroidery machine, intended to allow students to learn to operate the flower machine, learning plate, so that students design their own beautiful embroidery patterns, learn more advanced embroidery products production and management knowledge.

 With the domestic textile production technology is growing, greatly enhance the value of Chinese textiles. In particular, the popularity of computer embroidery machine and computer embroidery technology, speed up the speed and quality of textile embroidery, improve the price of textiles, but also reduce the cost of embroidery. At the same time, the whole computer embroidery technology also greatly saves the workers working time and strength, the workers only through the computer order, the fabric into the machine can complete all the embroidery work. The whole process is simple, fast, save time and effort.

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