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Cap Embroidery Machine Processing Fabric Range
Aug 15, 2017

Cap Embroidery Machine Processing fabric range

Hat embroidery machine, also known as quilted embroidery machine, which is quilted, embroidery function integrated as one of the new industrial sewing equipment. It retains and optimizes the quilting function of the quilting machine and the embroidery function of the computer embroidery machine. For both quilted and embroidered processing of the fabric through the device can be completed at the same time, can also be used alone quilting or embroidery function; is much higher than the traditional computer embroidery machine and quilting machine processing equipment.

Applicable fields and materials

Processing fabric range

Cotton, leather, velvet, nylon cloth, rice paper can be

Applicable areas

Home textiles, clothing, bags, embroidery crafts, wafer decoration, etc. can be

Hat embroidery machine three core strengths

1. Fabric processing unlimited circulation, seamless without stitching

Quilting embroidery machine can be the whole volume of fabric processing at once in the end, do not need to pre-processing of any fabric cutting, splicing and assembly and disassembly. After the whole roll of fabric is loaded, the machine will automatically send the fabric to the work area of the needle. Raw materials from the back into the finished product that comes from the front, unlimited cycle operations. Especially to meet the customer for processing fabrics are not allowed between the joints and cracks and other demanding requirements.

2. High capacity, quilted embroidery at the same time to complete,

When the whole volume of raw materials cotton, cloth loaded after the machine will automatically be the end of cloth, sandwich cotton, the upper fabric suture, and at the same time a variety of patterns of embroidery processing. As the quilting and embroidery at the same time to complete, to ensure that the quilting stitch and embroidery pattern relative position accuracy, broken and jumper can be directly to achieve automatic embroidery. Running speed is 2 times the quilting machine; large shuttle bottom line capacity is the computer embroidery machine to accompany more than 2; yield increased significantly.

3. Machine automatically operate one person easily on duty

The whole volume of fabric after a one-time loading, follow-up work by the machine automatically: automatic loading material, automatic disconnection alarm shutdown, automatic embroidery. Worker operation is very simple and easy, in most cases as long as the monitoring equipment operating conditions, with the general experience of computer embroidery machine employees can easily be on duty. One person a machine, skilled or even one person two machines. Effectively solve the workers for fear of fear of tired and difficult to recruit the problem, a substantial solution to labor costs.

Hat embroidery machine for groups

1. Large home textiles, clothing, shoes and hats, luggage processing enterprises

2. Private embroidery processing enterprises

3. Small cost entrepreneur

4. Large-scale sewing equipment replacement

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