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Cap Embroidery Machine Functional Classification
Aug 03, 2017

Cap Embroidery Machine Functional Classification

Classification Method and Function of Hat Embroidery Machine

Hat embroidery machine is a manifestation of a variety of hi-tech mechanical and electrical products. Hat embroidery machine can make the traditional hand embroidery high speed, high efficiency, and also can achieve hand embroidery can not reach To the "multi-level, multi-functional, unity and perfection" requirements. Hat embroidery machine variety, different specifications. Computer embroidery machine classification can press the nose, needle number, embroidery function, etc. points class.

First, according to the nose, the number of stitches, stitches to sub-points: 1. To the number of head to sub-points, can be divided into single and long machine (2-24 head); 2. To each end of the machine How many points, can be divided into single needle and more (3-12 pin); 3. In the form of feeding tarpaulin can be divided into plate and cylinder; 4. Embroidery used in the form of stitches into a lock stitch (301 stitch) and chain stitch trace).. Due to each model How many knives, how many needles, how to form the stent, and the form of the stitch, the combination of these arrangements, refinement classification, embroidery machine type will be a large number, so it can meet the different Level, with the same size, different requirements of the customer needs.

  Second, according to the classification of embroidery function Generally according to the embroidery function can be divided into: ordinary embroidery machine, gold embroidery (sub-single, double gold, gold, four gold), towel embroidery, winding embroidery (rope embroidery), laser Embroidery, flocking

Embroidery, hat embroidery clothing embroidery, high-speed machines, etc., at the same time a variety of functional mixing of high-end models, such as triple (flat embroidery + gold embroidery + wrapped embroidery), four in one (flat embroidery + gold embroidery + simple Wrapped embroidery + towel embroidery) and so on

The Such as Hangzhou Shunde Garment Equipment Co., Ltd. distribution of four-in-one hybrid embroidery hat embroidery machine for a cost-effective special embroidery models, the ordinary Ping embroidery, rope embroidery, gold embroidery, towel embroidery, etc.

Special embroidery into one, to achieve 6-color ring embroidery, multi-color embroidery, gold embroidery, rope embroidery and other perfect combination, embroidery elegant, stylish, three-dimensional sense of strong, widely used in clothing, curtains, bedding, Products such as the embroidery process, the application prospect is very broad.

Hat embroidery machine flat embroidery series Features: 1, liquid crystal display: the use of high-resolution color large-screen LCD display, embroidery process can be dynamic digital tracking display pattern, according to the need for

English switch, easy to operate. 2, pattern format and storage capacity: can read and write Tajima, BEHRINGER, ZSK, binary, ternary a variety of disk format files, storage capacity of up to 100

Million needle, 99 patterns. 3, the pattern of rotation and zoom function: pattern can be 0-360 degrees in the flower around the arbitrary rotation, you can also turn around. On the pattern can be between 50-200% free to shrink

Put, you can also choose the pattern of rotation priority or zoom priority to meet the different needs of the embroidery. 4, the pattern of editing and combination of functions: the memory of the tricks can be edited and modified, but also

The number of different patterns, different directions, multiple, distance combination into a new pattern, the use of flexible and convenient. 5, repeated embroidery function: can be repeated or partially repeated, horizontal up to 9

Times, vertical up to 9 times, a total of 81 times repeated embroidery. 6, stitch compensation function: the specified pattern automatically flat bag search, and according to the requirements of its broad, generate a new pattern. 7, fill embroidery Function: In the embroidery, due to disconnection and other reasons, the individual head will be missed embroidery, then you can retreat to the missing embroidery point, embroidered ordinary pattern will be no limit when the needle, in the embroidery pattern, Retreat to the starting point of the current general pattern. 8, automatic compensation function: According to the different requirements of the fabric pattern, the machine can be alone or at the same time the X axis, Y axis set compensation (0.1-1.0OMM) to achieve Best embroidery effect.

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