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Cap Embroidery Machine Can Be Configured According To Mechanical
Sep 20, 2017

Hat embroidery machine (horse type)

Introduction: the shape of the nose, such as Ma Tau so the industry is also known as the horse head machine, this model structure effectively reduced the area, with embroidered large, multi-functional, small size, low energy consumption, easy handling,

     In the embroidery area (embroidery) X-direction embroidery range can be extended according to the mechanical configuration (such as the Japanese Tajima single-head standard embroidery range X400mmY to 400mm, X to support extended to 1200mm embroidery to 1200 * 400mm single head machine standard With X400 * Y400, X to the cost of the limit has reached 800mm support to buy 800 * 400 embroidery

    Embroidery accuracy can meet the requirements of proofing and general embroidery, and bridge embroidery machine is basically no difference. Compared to the beam of small machine low precision, high precision embroidery stitch customers with caution or purchase well-known foreign brands.

    In terms of energy consumption for the bridge embroidery machine one-third. Support power supply 110-220-380V and so ,on Performance stability is better than other models with the same embroidery. Cost-effective. Easy maintenance Simple structure, fully open the case for easy maintenance and troubleshooting analysis of the source. Better than the small size of the packaging and transportation costs, for customers after the warranty period after the failure of equipment can be returned to the factory maintenance, to lift the local unattended to worry about.

    Multi-functional, including other structural embroidery machine function and support the finished clothing and cylindrical position of the embroidery, support sequins, rope embroidery and other special embroidery function, just buy the device can achieve multi-stitch combination of embroidery. Support and computer connection synchronization management embroidery process and pattern transmission.

    Efficiency horse head single-head computer embroidery machine standard for the 700-pin per minute, the maximum support per minute 1000-1200 high-speed embroidery, and the price is lower than other structural models

In summary, the advantages of the model compared to large, is the commercial field, home textiles, studio proofing preferred models.

Extended reading

 At present domestic and foreign production of horse embroidery machine manufacturers have dozens of domestic quality is uneven low-end products. No standardized production phenomenon is serious, parts and components, processing technology and machine performance are lower than the Tajima, 100 and other well-known brands. Establish a sound and rigorous parts processing and testing, production technology and testing standards is the only way to improve product performance. With the development of science and technology and processing equipment to improve the accuracy of domestic embroidery opportunities to further improve, some scientific research and economic strength of the enterprise production equipment in a number of performance indicators have been close to the world brand, such as broken rate, functional combination, etc. The Objectively speaking, the user is the first, and can decide everything includes price, quality. Price determines the quality, quality determines the brand.

Technology front, high-end single-head embroidery machine is mainly reflected in the needle number, speed, high degree of intelligence. There are 16-pin (16 colors) produced in Germany, 1200 knots / minute, broken thread automatically threading, cut line hook line fast, low working noise. South Korea INBRO production of single-needle 12-color, automatic color change, threading, the use of aerodynamic principles of the development of pneumatic systems and devices is the advantage of no need to change the needle can change color, is the most advanced computer embroidery machinery, these two automation The degree of automation is currently the highest degree. On behalf of the embroidery industry, high-end technology, is the best of today's most intelligent embroidery machine.

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