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Cap Embroidery Machine According To The User
Oct 23, 2017

Cap Embroidery Machine According to the user

Computer embroidery with carved hole intelligent fill function and custom tatami lines function; whether it is the system to play the pattern or foreign patterns can be easily and accurately adjust the density and width; with high-definition scanning input function, which greatly facilitates the input Program; with automatic volume screen and calibration function; with a single needle, block, color and other editing functions and improve the sub-sample system; with a friendly user interface and pleasing screen work environment and the ability to switch between Chinese and English; The system configuration, according to the needs of users configure the corresponding hardware and software; because no computer before the embroidery are embroidery people to see the manual processing, and the existence of embroidery can not be unified drawbacks, since the computer and after the combination of embroidery machinery , And software engineers and mechanical engineering together will account for the vast majority of repetitive embroidery in the computer to complete, greatly solve the problem of mass production and reduce labor costs. Computer embroidery is mainly used to embroidery clothes on the logo; art flowers; some artificial embroidery can not replace the embroidery embroidery machine can be embroidered out of the brand are embroidered on the embroidery embroidery logo, printing also, not printed Easy to drop ink after washing! And embroidery will not (this is the advantage) embroidery itself is an art, but the kind of art in the later embroidery machine appears slowly after the change has changed, computer embroidery itself has become a combination of art and technology and technology Of the product.

Because there is no computer before the embroidery are embroidered to see the manual and manual processing, since the computer and after the combination with the embroidery machine, and software engineers and mechanical engineering together will account for the vast majority of repeatable embroidery done in the computer to solve a large number of Production and reduce costs. Computer embroidery is to use embroidery machine to embroidery, computer embroidery process is to scan the design embroidery software plate embroidery plate after the installation into the embroidered disk or u disk embroidered disk or u disk into the computer embroidery machine embroidery machine loaded into the design version of the computer Embroidery machine starts embroidery into the flower version. Play embroidery software can quickly draw all kinds of graphics, file storage speed is extremely fast. More than 200 megabytes of large files (such as carpet tricks), read the time only a few tens of seconds. Not only to record the flower book itself, but also a complete record of the cover with all the information, such as back, mesh, mesh, the percentage of slurry, pattern category, etc., to provide users with a technology, Information of the database, with a strong practicality. More than 10 times the compression rate, the equivalent of doubling the expansion of memory, so that the system is not enough time in the memory can be run. You can easily read the general system can not read the large pattern, and the accuracy can be done higher. Because it is full vector image operation, the image is rotated, and the enlarged boundary is smooth and no jagged, so that the ideal image quality and editing freedom can be obtained.

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