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With these embroidery machines safe operating specifications, you will not be injured
May 04, 2017

With the development of embroidery industry, now more and more popular computer embroidery machine, many embroidery factories have one or dozens of embroidery machines. Embroidery machine as a high-speed precision embroidery equipment, in the process of machine operation, if there is no attention to some safety operation norms, it is very dangerous. Therefore embroidery machine operation of the time, should pay more attention to the operation of machine details, to avoid injuries, in order to improve machine efficiency!

The following embroidery machine operation details need to be noticed!

Operations personnel in "multi-person operation attention matters"

When several people operate embroidery machines at the same time, we must be cautious and tacit. Any operator to make sure that other operators are safe before starting the machine, such as not putting their hands on the moving machine parts, avoiding the mechanical injuries.

Operators ' precautions in operation of machine

operator in the machine operation: 1. Do not put your fingers on the plate slot 2. Do not change the shell of the shuttle under the plate 3. Don't put your hands on the bench 4. Do not run the machine is to wear embroidered lines, lest accidents, injuries to the hand.

Operators "day-to-day matters needing attention"

Advised female embroidery workers, if left long hair, to tie up, avoid being involved in the machine, commonly used embroidery needles, scissors, screwdriver, tape, tape, etc., do not place everywhere, lest the machine operation, accidentally contact when injured.

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