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What's the problem of imported flowers to embroidery
Jan 25, 2018

You know 24 hours a day in the High Speed Embroidery Flower Import operation, so there will be a lot of interference to the machine stability and reliability, such as temperature, humidity, dust, magnetic interference, etc.. However, the light of the interference factors leads to the broken thread of the embroidery machine and other accidents, and the weight of the embroidery machine causes the deformation of the pattern and even the scrap of the product.

In the process of common imported machine embroidery in the wrong color cable there is color, angle error, positive and negative, and hair to mistake the grain direction, and the bottom figure go wrong when the line tension is not stable, the tight loose piece pattern and wrinkle, shrink more pieces repaired enough car seam allowance etc..

But if the embroidery machine meets the unusual shearing line of the embroidery machine, it is usually characterized by short line shearing line, short line cut line, or cutting line. There is a great relationship between the length of the line and the tension of the line spring. It can be checked first, and the thread spring and the knob should not be tighten. At the same time, the height of the buckle fork is adjusted, and the high profile will make the surface line longer. It is also the adjustment of the parameters and the angle of the knife, and the greater the angle of the knife and the longer the line.

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