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What is the difference between a pailette embroidery head and pressure?
Nov 25, 2017

What is the difference between a pailette embroidery head and pressure? In the usual production of pearl embroidery is not at once again after playing sequins embroidery. Not finished before playing the sequins embroidery, but according to the specific needs interspersed. If played to a sequined, embroidered, and then went to play sequins. Then, in the middle of the process of embroidery. Lift and lift not bright titles is a careful consideration of the problem.

sequins embroidery

sequins embroidery

If the middle embroidery beads embroidery needle number not much, usually not more than 1K needle, so don't lift the head of sequins. If the number of needles in the middle of the more, it is recommended to raise the title of the title as well.

The former does not lift, because consider lifting the bright title and put down the bright head of the time loss, peaceful embroidery time, compared to the larger proportion of the reasons. The latter should be lifted because the number of needles is too much, so it will inevitably break, and if the embroidery head does not lift up, the threading will be more troublesome.

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