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What are the techniques for embroidering beads
Dec 29, 2017

The embroidery of the beads is also one of the traditional Chinese folk crafts. Chinese embroidery mainly include: embroidery, embroidery, embroidery and Guangdong embroidery four categories. Embroidery techniques: wrong stitch, crewel embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, lock net ground wire, nice, Najin, Pinjin, shadow gold, gold, fleece, plate shop, stamp yarn, sprinkle line, cross stitch and so on.

In the type of embroidery, Sequin embroidery is special, because the species known is probably China embroidery, embroidery, embroidery and embroidery, and you may only know that these four kinds of embroidery is very beautiful and famous, but also very kind of embroidery, embroidery, such as Beijing Hangzhou, they also have different embroidery techniques.


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