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Solution of Spindle motor timeout
Mar 24, 2018

    Check if the power supply is missing phase at the incoming terminal. If the phase is missing, use the    voltmeter to measure the incoming supply voltage and inspect it.

    Thermal Relay Action Protection First off, then check if the power input is missing. Check if the motor is overloaded. Power on again after the inspection.

    3A fuse blown on spindle control board Replace fuse

    Check whether the connector connection on the spindle control board is firm, if there is damage to the connector insert Check and replace the connector insert

    Spindle control board has problems Replace spindle control board

    Spindle motor malfunction Check spindle motor

    There is a problem with the main control board Replace the main control board

    Spindle Motor Climbing Counterclockwise Adjust Spindle Controller Potentiometer VR1

    After the VR1 adjustment, the car is still crawling. Check if there is any problem with the capacitor C6 on the spindle control board. Replace the capacitor (C6 is 2.2uF/35V tantalum).

    Check whether the top wire connected to the shaft of the photoelectric encoder is loose.

    Check whether the mechanical transmission part is normal Adjust the belt or chain

    There is a problem with the spindle control board itself. Replace the spindle control board.

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