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Principle of Embroidery Machine
May 04, 2017

First with the embroidery CAD software sedan, generated sample version, will contain the embroidery program and the pattern of the disc has been separately placed into the computer disk drive, under the program, the computer will change the pattern coordinates with the stretch box x, y direction of the amount of displacement of the electrical signal, sent to X, Y, Z MCU system for motor lifting speed processing, output three-phase six, line motor amplifier box power amplification, Red Branch x, y Stepper motor, drive the frame to complete the x, y into the feeding movement; drive Z Stepper Motors simultaneously, Drive the needle to move up and down, so that the embroidery continues to proceed.

Z Stepper motor through synchronous tooth belt drive head drive mechanism rotation, the head of the specific body of lead agencies and needle lead to the line to make, under motion, piercing fabrics; rotary spindle in hook-line mechanism, so that the surface line bypasses the base of the bobbin shell; picking line mechanism movement, conveying the surface line, tightening the line traces, preparing the next line line segment. X, y stepper motors through the synchronous tooth belt and other institutions to drive silk frames and fabrics for planar movement. The fabric on each stitch to be embroidered wire to the needle embroidery, the speed of the needle and down movement of the direction of the frame, movement, and the movement of the speed of coordination, so that the surface line and the bottom line twisted, in the fabric to make double-line locking line traces. When embroidery goes on continuously, complete the pattern of computer embroidery.

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