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Learn the embroidery mechanism Edition, you are the difference of these methods
May 04, 2017

Buy Tutorial Self-Study

Buy Tutorial self-study, this is a lot of embroidery Seihan students in order to save time the most willing to the first choice of tuition, but this is the most failed students, because there is no learning atmosphere, no direct guidance from the teacher, learning a little doubt encountered in the timely untied, this is a very big impact on the follow-up study, to enter deeper learning problems and many troubles, in addition, there is the order of embroidery how reasonable arrangements, how to embroider flowers, how to draw a beautiful painting, how to base on the shape of the deformed flower contour, How to arrange the needle rationally, where to use what stitch is to make people tangled, also is the contraction distortion let people not sure, what cloth with how much density, how to operate the function, how to operate the removal function, make out the edition is always broken needle break, shape distortion and so on serious problem, this need people more clever and patient, can learn all embroidery Seihan skills.

Go to the Computer Seihan Center study

To the Seihan Center to learn and master. The situation is also a choice of many people, some students may think that these masters are high level, they must also be masters of the Apostles. However, these editions of the teacher because of cultural restrictions, usually play edition of the work is busy, there is not much time to study the teaching methods and teaching skills and play version of the software function, many dozen version of the software is not very thorough, they generally only mastered 40 to 60 60% of the command, and one is, the version of the Division will do not say, language ability to express poor, not let students quickly understand the teacher said the meaning, master operation is very smooth, but teach people learning but not good patience Second, because the day-to-day work is very busy, customers to version more, customer emergency version and other reasons. This requires students to be more intelligent, understanding ability, more consult master.

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