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Embroidery embroidery fabric advantages
Jan 21, 2018

     Embroidery is what we often say is a version of the play, the pattern designer by playing cards, tape or plate or through the number of processes such as preparation to prepare patterns to guide or stimulate the embroidery machine and embroidery frame for the design of the various sports process . Simply put, the designer will want to design the embroidery pattern, enter the computer, adjust the machine, the computer embroidery machine will automatically be embroidered in the end of the cloth before entering the computer graphics, the current computer embroidery Factory, we will use computer embroidery machine into the production of embroidery.


     The reason why the embroidery factory will choose computer embroidery machine to work because the computer embroidery embroidery industry has brought a lot of benefits:

1) Embroidery changed a single traditional fabric; traditional fabric is very monotonous and elegant, looks dull and tasteless, and computer embroidery can be added to the traditional fabric of a variety of suitable patterns, give the fabric beautiful and practical.

2) Computerized embroidery machine can be mass-produced, large output, high efficiency, fast, can save a lot of time and cost for customers.

3) Embroidery products embroidered by the machine, whether it is embroidered fabrics, collar flowers, or lace patterns are very uniform and tidy, three-dimensional fashion.

4) Embroidery embroidery fabric embroidery fabrics, both as apparel fabrics, home textiles, but also do decorative fabrics, the trial industry is very wide.

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