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Does the computer embroidery require high material?
May 04, 2017

Nowadays, the use of embroidery machine is becoming more and more popular, many garment embroidery factory no longer use the traditional embroidery craft, use high-speed computer embroidery machine to provide embroidery work efficiency. Computer embroidery machine can be used to play version, play version is what we usually say proofing. Simple, computer embroidery machine is through some set of procedures to deal with some tricks, to play the embroidery patterns we want, this is the working principle of computer embroidery. Proofing this process is punch version of the division to operate. The former embroidery machine in fact, the principle is to let needle operation, to play the desired embroidery pattern. and high-speed computer embroidery machine is more convenient and fast can make the desired embroidery products.

How about the cost of computer embroidery machine, the requirements of materials are not high? Garment Embroidery Factory no longer use the traditional craft but choose high-speed embroidery machine, this is a certain reason. In fact, embroidery is the most important is also play edition division, material is not particularly significant, as long as we choose the material quality is not a problem, then it is not necessary to embroider the material. We now use the computer to play edition, the edition division can use monitors or plotters to inspect his version of the effect. What we should care about is whether the version of the drawing is correct without any details.

Embroidery is composed of different stitches, so we have processed the cloth, garment embroidery factory needs to be processed in accordance with the requirements of the repeated line puncture, processing the required finished products. In short, high-speed computer embroidery machine is very common, prices will not be particularly expensive, the materials used is also relatively common, as long as the quality of the material has no problem.

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