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Daily maintenance of computer embroidery machine
Mar 24, 2018

Daily maintenance of computer embroidery machine

(1) hook thread mechanism hook, bobbin, bobbin days with a brush to clean, remove debris, thread, do not use sharp tool to remove

(2) Take-up mechanism Take-up rods, line channels, blankets to remove debris, thread ends

(3) Y-axis feed mechanism front and rear four pairs of rails (615 type) days ibid

(4) X-axis feed mechanism guide two days Ibid

(5) Clipping mechanism clips, rotating wheels, thread take-ups, springs, wireways often clear debris

(6) Clean the sundries on the surface of the work surface

(7) The surface of the computer and the exhaust fan often rub, open the back cover

(8) Power box, drive box surface and ventilation are often the same as above

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