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Computer Embroidery Machine stitch, you know how much
May 04, 2017

If you are engaged in the embroidery industry for many years, is embroidered version of the master, then you must know a lot of embroidery sewing machine stitch. If you are engaged in the embroidery industry for a few months, is embroidered version of rookie, then you must understand several embroidery sewing machine stitch. A good quality, fine texture, smooth, shiny, dazzling embroidered embroidery, inseparable embroidery machine needle. A computer embroidery machine chooses different stitches, embroidered out of embroidery, for everyone to embroider the visual effect certainly not the same.

Embroidery Machine Stitch Characteristics:

1. Flat needle, mainly used to depict contours and details

2. Two-wire needles, the line between two points to go back and forth two times

3. Three-wire needle, the line between two points to go back and forth three times

4. Flat needle, flat Bao Zhen (or an Egyptian needle) used to fill some slender, curved circles. In embroidery, the needle first wears a hole on one side of the graph and then wears a hole on the other side of the graph, and the embroidery line crosses the graph and does not drop the needle in the middle.

5. The composite filling needle, through the control of the position of the needle drop, the needle can appear the specified pattern. Add design elements.

6. Wave fills, using the direction trajectory of the manipulation needle trace, can be connected to a variety of curves or arc patterns.

7. Needle, mainly used to fill the shape of a slender and curved lines with the needle and three-dimensional sense of the line is very strong needle vivid.

8. Tatami needles, mainly used for filling in the area of graphics or irregular graphics, it is composed of a special arrangement of the single needle.

The 9.E needle, E-pin looks like a comb, mainly used in the envelope or fill in the more sloppy graphics. The most commonly used is in embroidered packets on the edges for e-pin traces to better follow the graphical boundaries.

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